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It’s a new world kids. Yep, it is. Not just a new world because of what we’ve lost. It’s a new world because of what we need to gain. What we need to become.

This virus we are dealing with is the great equalizer. It doesn’t care about socio-economic standings. It doesn’t care about how much education we have or haven’t had. It doesn’t care about how much we weigh or where we live or who we love. Weird isn’t it. It takes a virus to give us a commonality. One of the things I want to take out of this time…and I’m hoping we move past this very scary period quickly, is not going back to before. And that means ME.

There’s a lot of ranting and raving about what’s going on in the world. We feel helpless. Frustrated. Ignored. Sometimes the only recourse we have is social media. Just gotta let it out of our system.

Now it’s time to look inward. We can pontificate all we want about the rantings of our President. And, believe me…I’VE PONTIFICATED. And not favorably. But I now need to look in my own backyard. How am I treating the people I deal with? Whether they be friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, the cashier at the grocery store, etc. How do I treat myself? How do I treat the environment? I need to take inventory because I don’t want this coronavirus experience to pass me by without learning something. Many have not survived this virus. I owe it to them to take this journey inward and take stock.

What does it take for me to realize how precious life is? I have witnessed the AIDS crisis and 9/11. And if I make it through this virus then I owe it to the universe to simply behave more lovingly. Have more compassion. Support more. Make time for the important stuff. The pettiness, the superficialities, the pointless grudges, the inane jealousies. So much wasted time.

Marianne Williamson said, “There is no place where you start and I end.” Spiritually…yes…absolutely. But now we are connected physically because of this virus. It has leveled us. And the old stuff I’ve carried up the hill for so long…I need to drop it and find a new way of being.

Oh, I know I will backslide. What’s familiar is sometimes what’s easier. But gosh darn it I want this next chapter to be about something more meaningful. Something loftier.

If I want more love in the world…then I have to give more love. If I want more empathy in the world…then I have to be more empathetic. It starts here…with me.

My husband has been conducting Shabbat services every Friday night via conference call. I took part in one. One of the participants blamed God for what is happening right now in the world. I don’t see it that way. I’ve always felt that we are the representation of God on earth. How we treat the environment; who we vote into office; how we nourish ourselves nutritionally and spiritually. We have so much power…the ability to move mountains. And it can start with simply looking someone in the eye and saying, “Thank you.” “Congratulations.” “Great job.” “Let me help you with that.” “I’m here if you need me.” That’s what God is to me. And that’s who I want to be. We really can change the world with a kind word or gesture.

Bear with me folks. Like I said, I’m gonna fail. I’m gonna retreat. I’m gonna be swayed and influenced. I’m gonna back peddle. But I’m also gonna breathe a beautiful day in a little deeper because I was given another day to do it. I’m also gonna step on a stage again with even more gratitude than I usually have because I’m getting to do my art again. I’m gonna pray a little more intensely because I want my friends and family to be okay and make it through this time…and make it through future mountains we may all have to climb.

We are in survival mode right now. Of course we are. We have stuff to figure out. Our health. Our financial situation. Our professional lives. We have to get all of our ducks in a row. We are now existing in the world with face masks and surgical gloves (if you can get them) for gosh sakes.

I need to call upon my faith. I want to make my heart bigger. It’s easy when things are going well to be helpful…understanding…empathetic. Well, I have to bring that to the table NOW…because we are all facing the same tribulation.

If my outstretched hand is met with a turned-up nose…it will be okay. I will simply look elsewhere to offer my hand. I know there will be someone who needs it…wants it…appreciates it.

To my brothers and sisters out there…let’s see this thru. Let’s come out of this bigger and brighter and more aware, more conscious. There’s nothing left to prove to each other anymore…other than that we are still here and that the possibilities are endless to make things better.

To all of you sharing through the internet…with songs, humor, poetry, photography, recipes, inspirations…I LOVE YOU FOR IT. It’s inspiring to witness the strength of the human spirit. You’re amazing. That’s God to me. I want to call you all “cupcakes” in person. I want to say “la la la” while looking you in the eye. I want to hug you…and share my new recipes that I came up with while quarantining. I want to hear your glorious singing in person. I want to laugh at your jokes while in the same room with you.

Where do we go from here? ONWARD AND UPWARD!!!!!! Let’s take the journey together.

I promise to behave!!!!!

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