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TITANIC - Maine State Music Theatre

There must be a special nod for the duo of Michael Iannucci and Linda Balgord who, as Isidor and Ida Strauss, draw every emotion from the audience in their duet ‘Still’ as they prepare for death.  And bring tissues or prepare for the unbidden tears you will wipe away in the dark surreptitiously as these two remove all doubt that they die as much in love as when they met years before. 

- The BoothBay Register

Among the passengers, perhaps the most affecting moment belongs to Linda Balgord and Michael Iannucci as Ida and Isador Straus, who sing a heartbreakingly beautiful duet, “Still,” as they resolve to go down together with the ship.

- Broadwayworld

TREASURE ISLAND - Maine State Music Theatre


Michael Iannucci is that dandy Squire John Trelawney – and he is, quite simply, perfection.

- The BoothBay Register


TREASURE ISLAND - Fulton Theatre


The entire cast is extremely talented. Most notably, Michael Iannucci, who is hilarious as Squire John Trelawney. I could watch his performance all day. 



Bedful of Foreigners - Allenberry Playhouse
The measure of an actor is not what he does when the writer has given him a solid support system, but what he accomplishes when the playwright hasn't.  It was pleasing to seeing the polished performance from Michael Iannucci in BROADWAY BOUND.  But to impress in BEDFUL OF FOREIGNERS?  The director keeps his hard-working cast in such a state of perpetual motion that there are moments when you may suspect that something interesting is going on up on stage.  Mr. Iannucci provides a number of those moments, suggesting that a real person has edged his way into this comic madhouse.  It's a performance of uncommon valor. 

- Patriot News

GYPSY- New Candlelight Theatre
“Gypsy” at the New Candlelight theatre is a fast-paced crowd pleaser with several performers who have true star quality. One of them being Michael Iannucci in a beautiful, solid performance as Herbie.

- Chester County News


SIX DANCE LESSONS IN SIX WEEKS - Ivoryton Playhouse Playwright Richard Alfieri is very lucky in having director Sasha Bratt and his endearing team of actors, Valerie Stack Dodge (Lily Harrison) and Michael Iannucci (Michael Minnetti) infuse his plot and dialogue with such sincerity, heart, and warmth. Michael Iannucci’s performance raises the script’s stakes and makes the predictable story less so.  He captures the character’s essence.   And his yelling (whether in excitement or frustration) puts one in mind of the clown’s painted-on smile. He whirls about the stage, uneasy unless actually dancing.  And underneath his candor bordering on presumption, he is fiercely self-protective. The script needs a wildcard, and Iannucci plays it.

- Connecticut Critics Circle 

PLAZA SUITE - Allenberry Playhouse

One of the best moments of the Neil Simon comedy "Plaza Suite" isn't really funny at all.  It comes in the opening act, when a long-married couple — skillfully portrayed by Michael Iannucci and Lanene Charters — finally face the reality of their splintering marriage.  After years of dancing around their problems, some painful truths come gushing out. And suddenly, the audience at Allenberry's opening show on Wednesday was no longer simply sitting in a theater and watching a play, but eavesdropping on a painful emotional moment that felt entirely authentic.

- Penn Live


PLAZA SUITE  - Allenberry Playhouse
Michael Iannucci plays the male lead in all three sketches. He's fine throughout, but is no doubt at his most hilarious playing the Hollywood producer who's back in New York at the Plaza and trying to seduce his high school girlfriend from New Jersey, who only wants to hear about celebrities he knows. On the other hand, in the last sketch, as father of a recalcitrant bride, he shows off some physical comedy that might not be anticipated. His pantomiming an attempt to walk a seventh-story ledge at the Plaza to break into a bathroom, and his resulting effects, are classic.

- Broadway World


SHLEMIEL THE FIRST - Off Broadway - Theatre For a New Audience

Michael Iannucci is beguiling as Shlemiel, making the man more innocent than ignorant.  As a singer, Iannucci shows great skill, too, in delivering a lickety-split song that lists dozens of occupations for which he might be better-suited. It’s the type of song Danny Kaye used to run through in no time flat, and Iannucci proves to be a worthy heir to Kaye’s throne.

- The Star Ledger


- Boston Premiere The show’s one genuinely touching moment relates to Rock Hudson, as Iannucci’s heartfelt high tenor rendition of SECRET LOVE reminds the audience of Day’s unfailing support for her dear friend.  

- Variety


LOST IN YONKERS - Forestburgh Playhouse
Michael Iannucci, as Eddie, follows up his performance in LIPS TOGETHER, TEETH APART with another fine, sensitive characterization.  On the page, Eddie is little more than an expository device.  Iannucci builds him up into a fully realized human being.  

- The Times Herald Record


GUYS & DOLLS - New Harmony Theatre
Michael Iannucci is a comic delight as Nathan Detroit.

- The Courier Press

Michael Iannucci is particularly endearing as the timid tailor Motel.  

- The Boston Globe

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